Friday, August 21, 2015

How to use Twitter

I use Twitter a lot.  I didn't start off tweeting immediately when I created an account around 5-6 years ago.  But once I acquired my first cell phone, my Twitter usage exploded.  I would tweet about everything and anything that was happening around me.  That hasn't changed today, as I still tweet almost everyday about everything and anything around me, but also around events happening on the internet that interest me.  (My Twitter handle is DdcCabuslay.  Do consider giving me a follow, I promise I'm entertaining #shamelessplug).

It boggles my mind whenever I hear someone say they aren't interested in using Twitter because they don't know what to say on Twitter.  I consider Twitter to be a playground where you can say whatever you want.  While you can attach media such as pictures, videos and links, what makes Twitter special is its 140 character limit per tweet.  You can only say so much just a little less than the character limit of an SMS message.  So, how do you use Twitter?  I'm going to teach you.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Podcast: Do we really need a smartwatch?

Almost everyone has a smartphone.  We are constantly connected to our smartphone, checking notifications, interacting with others, and taking more pictures of ourselves than we really need to.  Sometimes, the act of pulling our smartphone from our pocket can be a hassle.  What if there was a way to remedy that?  Tech companies believe they have a solution, and that solution is the smartwatch.  Since the birth of the modern smartwatch in 2013, tech companies have been making more smartwatches and flooding the market with them.  Tech companies have been marketing them as the perfect companion for your smartphone.  But are smartwatches the perfect companion for your smartphone right now?  Are they the next big thing, or the next big fad?  I dive into the topic and give my thoughts.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Xperia Z3: Still happy six months later

I'm an Xperia fan(boy).  My first ever cellphone was the Xperia arc, and while it wasn't the best phone at the time of purchase (December 2011), I've grown to love the phone throughout the three years of my contract.  I also own an Xperia Tablet Z, which I bought in June of 2013, which is a device I consider to be an extra portable laptop when my laptop is just too much of a hassle to carry around.  When time came for me to upgrade my phone in December 2014, I had a few options resonating through my mind.  I might've been a bit biased in my decision, but the Xperia Z3 was the device I ended up choosing to have as my phone for the next two years.  It's been a bit more than six months since I first acquired the phone and the lustre of having a new phone has gone away, so I'm here to give you my experience with the Z3 after six months.

I'm going to be skipping a Camera section in my review as I don't feel comfortable talking photo quality due to my inexperience with judging photos and the inability to compare photos to other comparable devices.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I need a break (from the internet)

It's been a while since I've posted.  This is going to be a small one about something I want to do when I get the chance.

I'm someone who's very connected with the internet.  I tweet everyday, I check Facebook too often and I use Snapchat just as much as I do Facebook.  Clearly I'm very much connected to the social internet.  Maybe too connected.

One week, I want to get away.  I want to give myself a week to disconnect from all forms of social media and disconnect from the internet.  I want to also disconnect from all sorts of text messaging, so that the only method of communication between myself and another party is through voice.

What will I do in that week? I don't know. Go out? Sleep all week? Read? There are many things I can consider doing, but what I want to make sure is that throughout this week, I spend it with myself and use it to reflect on my life. Where I want to go, who I want to be etc. without all the distractions of the internet. 

I'll probably regret doing this on day 1, and maybe even not earn anything out of it by day 7.  But this is something that I know I need, and I want to take that chance sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Guitar Hero Live: Not the Same Old Song and Dance

Today, Activision announced a new entry in the Guitar Hero series -- Guitar Hero Live.  Developed by the DJ Hero developers FreeStyleGames, this entry in the Guitar Hero series steps away from the established 5-button guitar gameplay and changes it up to something different.  It's an interesting spin on the franchise, and I have to say I'm very intrigued by the new gameplay.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

1 week with Lollipop on the Xperia Z3

Update: I made a couple quick thoughts on Android 5.1 on this post in r/SonyXperia.  Do give it a read!

When Google announced the L developer preview back at Google I/O 2014, a lot of people -- myself included -- were excited to see what the future of Android would be.  This wouldn't be another 4.X release, but a 5.0 release with many advancements to the Android experience.  In October 2014, Sony announced that their Xperia Z devices would all be receiving Lollipop within the first quarter of 2015.  While this wasn't as early of timing as other OEMs like Samsung and Motorola, it still got me excited that my (at the time) brand new Xperia Z3 and my 1.5 year old Xperia Tablet Z would receive Google's latest desert.

Lollipop on the Xperia Z3 has only rolled out in the Baltic regions as of March 16, and I got impatient waiting for a North American release, so I flashed the Generic Baltic firmware onto my device.  I've been using the firmware for about a week, and I have to say my general impressions of Lollipop are mostly positive, but I have a few quirks.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rock Band 4 is real and I couldn't be any happier

It's (officially) happening.  A franchise I loved so dearly throughout my high school years is returning and I honestly couldn't be more excited.  Of course, with every new game comes new information about how the game will work.  There are a few surprises when comparing Rock Band 4 to its predecessor, Rock Band 3, and I want to go over these changes with my opinions.  I'm going to refer points from the recently released Q&A for Rock Band 4 from Harmonix.