Friday, August 21, 2015

How to use Twitter

I use Twitter a lot.  I didn't start off tweeting immediately when I created an account around 5-6 years ago.  But once I acquired my first cell phone, my Twitter usage exploded.  I would tweet about everything and anything that was happening around me.  That hasn't changed today, as I still tweet almost everyday about everything and anything around me, but also around events happening on the internet that interest me.  (My Twitter handle is DdcCabuslay.  Do consider giving me a follow, I promise I'm entertaining #shamelessplug).

It boggles my mind whenever I hear someone say they aren't interested in using Twitter because they don't know what to say on Twitter.  I consider Twitter to be a playground where you can say whatever you want.  While you can attach media such as pictures, videos and links, what makes Twitter special is its 140 character limit per tweet.  You can only say so much just a little less than the character limit of an SMS message.  So, how do you use Twitter?  I'm going to teach you.

So, what do you put in that new tweet box?  You can talk about practically anything.  Just find a way to condense your message into 140 characters.  

...OK, "anything" doesn't narrow things down one bit.  Here are a few ideas.
  • Talk to yourself.  One of my primary uses of Twitter is to talk to myself among an audience.  What did you think about that pizza you just ate?  Do you regret not asking that person for their number?  Do you not remember where you placed your car keys?  Tweet about it!  Of course, it's up to you to have some discretion on what personal matters to tweet or not.
  • Join in a conversation.  There are a bunch of trending topics that you can jump into.  Some of them are hashtags, some of them are just simple titles.  Tweet something about it!  Talk about the movie everyone is talking about.  Join in the fun in #ReplaceVideoGameTitleWithPoop.  Who knows, you might connect with people who have similar interests with you and have wonderful (or dreadful) conversations.
  • Start a conversation.  So you want to talk about something, but that topic isn't trending.  That's ok!  Tweet about it anyway.  Just because a topic or hashtag you create isn't trending, doesn't mean that it can't catch on.  If you search up topics you want to talk about, you'll be bound to find many tweets with opinions on your intended subject.
  • Be an entertainer.  There are many accounts that have hundreds of thousands of followers because they make tweets that people can relate to. You can try to be like that and create a brand out of your name and gather a following.  Just make sure you're unique in your content, otherwise you'll be hunted and possibly taken down.  Nobody likes accounts that copy each other on Twitter.
Congratulations!  You now have enough ideas to launch your name into the Twitter universe.  Now carry on and continue complaining about life as I do, and you'll enjoy using Twitter in no time.

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